Good Friday Nite Post

Went to church with my aunt this afternoon. While on the way to the church, we wondered if it will rain in the afternoon today. Well, it rained every Good Friday. Last year, the year before…

Then after the Mass, while heading to my uncle’s vegetarian shop, I joked…

G: Eh, today it didn’t rain.

Aunt: Yeah. Weird eh.

G: Hmm… maybe it coincides with Goddess of Mercy’s (Kuan Yin) birthday.

Aunt: Maybe, but what it gotta do with it??

G: I think Jesus Christ and Kuan Yin came to an understanding… and decided there’ll be no rain for today.

Aunt: Huh… hahahaha. Oh, yeah. Once in 20 years…

G: I think it could be on the reason that Buddhist need to burn joss stick.

Aunt: Haha. LOL. Could be, could be. Religions must practice tolerance and coexist.

G: Yeah. You are right.



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