Another one bites the dust..

One more person in the office is gone due to cardiac illness due to work stress, hypertension, excessive smoking and unhealthy lifestyle such as too much after work entertainment. I was told that he was only 38.

The deceased is a very hardworking and dedicated fellow colleague who serviced our panel supporters accounts like he has shares in those companies.

The industry that I’m in is a very demanding in terms of time, physical and mental endurance but it is a very stable job in trying times. So that’s why turnover rate is very very low in loss adjusting line not only here but the world over. Coupled with commitments for life that you have, one would not just quit this kind of job without having think 10 times.

So, if your boss thinks you’re not performing, just let it be or you’ll get all sorts of cardiac related illnesses.

Don’t jilat or you’ll jialat.

(Jilat is Malay for “lick”)
(Jialat is a Chinese Hokkien slang meaning “shit fucked” )

Farewell bro. It’s a fate to have been colleagues.

You’re good as long as you know what you’re doing. That has been a time proven philosophy.


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