128 gig(abyte)

G: Hey C, is that an iPhone 6 you’re holding?

C: Yup. It’s a 128 gig model. 

G: What the ?! How much is that? 

C: Umm erm 

G: Do you actually use up to 128gb of disk space??!! 

C: Yup, I store a lot of books, files etc. 

G: Do you actually read books on the iPhone ? Gosh. 

C: Hehe. It’s a storage device. 

G: well, ok thanks bye.

Gee, I cannot imagine anyone using so much space on a phone and most of all paying about RM 3,550.00 for a phone that has no file directory explorer and that can’t even send a simple file over Bluetooth. 

A Google Nexus 6 (Motorola) now seems to be a good choice.  The hardware is not too bad and it’s selling at about RM2,199.00. 


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