Grand stories

These days Bubu loves to listen to stories. Any stories fiction or non-fiction. He’d ask “Daddy, can you read (tell) the story of the XXXX”. The XXXX could be anything under the sun and spontaneously I gotta think of a story to tell him on the immediately.

The story of the girl (who fell to her death from 6th floor after climbing the escalator bannister), the story of Goldilocks, the story of the origin of lion & dragon dance, the story of Jack and the beanstalk, the story of Aladdin, the story of the aeroplane, the story of the baby (who flung out of the Pajero after being hit by a Myvi on DUKE highway ; the baby was not in car seat), the story of Bubu in hospital, the story of Bubu in mummy’s stomach, the story of daddy (the Great Fall story that left me with a broken tooth), the story of Bubu in petrol station (a stranger tried to get into the car to snatch someone), the story of accidents (and its consequences) etc.

Kids his age love stories with great imagination. Not only they love it they need it for their growth. Of course the stories will have to carry some morals behind it and I think it is a way to make them understand the way things work in life. You gotta make some adjustments to stories to suit the situation like telling him the story of the girl who fell from escalator bannister so that Bubu (and kids his age) would understand the danger of certain things.

This is not to scare them (in a way yes, I wanna scare him) until they are afraid of something but merely want them to know what they can do and should not do.

What the story? Morning glory… well…… need a little time to wake up wake up … welll…

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