Cultural attitude on child safety

The children here don’t wear helmets hen they cycle. It’s hard to see children wearing helmets while cycling or skating. 

To get a good correct sized helmet for children under 4 years old is even tougher. It’s so damn hard to find XS sized children helmet.

After I finally hunt down a nice little helmet for Bubu, he sometimes refused to wear it because all othe kids he cycles with doesn’t wear helmet. He’s the oddball.

I tried to hint to Bubu’s “best friend” dad but I don’t think he’s interested with kids helmet. You see, these kids are cycling on the street and they’re still on training wheels. Bubu’s is even still on diaper at 3. They sped around the street on their little bikes and falls here and there. 

I don’t know. I guess you need a high profile accident just like the recent Mitsubishi Pajero – Myvi accident (7-month-old baby flung out of the 4×4) for people to realize the importance of child safety items i.e. helmets and car seats. If you don’t have a child seat, at least buckle up at the back although the rear safety belts of cars are designed for adults.

I just gotta cook up scary stories to scare Bubu of accidents.


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