Lion dance story

One day, it was the first day of Chinese New Year and everybody in the house were waiting for the lion dance troupe to arrive. Daddy would hang the “sarng choy” (lettuce) and fire crackers (red crackers).

Not long after that, the lion dance troupe came on a lorry. The kohkoh would bring down the lions, drum, clap cymbals and drumsticks from the lorry. And then they started playing the drum and the clap cymbals. The lions also started to dance.

The lions will then entered the house and greeted everybody “Gong Hei Fatt Choy” and Happy Chinese New Year. The lions then went to every corner of the house to ward off evil spirits. The lions will bit the evil spirits and all of them will run away from the house.

After that the lions will continuedancing at the car porch. Tung tung chiang…. tung tung chiang…. tung tung chiang…. and then the lions jumped at ate the sarng choy (lettuce). The lions chewed the sarng choy and then spitted it out. Then the lions ate the oranges (mandarins) and peeled the oranges skins. The lions then presented the oranges to kungkung (grand father) and gave kungkung an ang pau (red packet).

Then kungkung lit the fire crackers and it went praaakk praaakkkk praaakkkk praaakkkk (crackling) and the lions continued to dance. Everybody danced with the lions and Kyra chehcheh and Aaron kohkoh took photos with the lions.

When the firecarckers finished, the lion dance was over too. Then the lion dance troupe kohkoh put the lions, drum, clap cymbals and drumsticks onto the lorry.

Before they left, they said “We are going home, bye, see you again next year. Gong Hei Fatt Choy. Happy Chinese New Year. Ho ho ho…” and then they were gone.

The end.


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