Chronicles of Bubu G: Bus ride


Took him out for jalan-jalan and breakfast today. Just the two of us.

After breakfast we went to the toy shop and bookshop.. and lastly so happen a feeder bus of the mall we went was available.

So took him onto the bus and he was so happy.


The bus was stationary and the driver was nowhere to be seen. We hopped onto the bus and there was a couple already sitting in the bus awaiting for departure.

Bubu was so excited seeing the empty seats for him to choose.


He even asked me to fasten the safety belt for him. If he ask me to do this every time I put him into his car seat, I’d be the happiest dad in town.


Finally after about 10 minutes in the bus I had to cook up a story of Uncle Bus (the bus driver) had gone home with the bus key. We had to go find him and get the key to start the engine.

Along the way home, he dozed off in the car and when he woke up he asked for Uncle Bus.


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