FIFA World Champion 2014 – Germany

Since the last competitive trophy in Euro 96… They have finally won the World Cup. Its a joyous moment for all fans who have been supporting the German team since time immemorial.. Now with another star added to the crest… we’ve got to get the new jersey… and this happens to be the coolest design in recent time. Congratulations to the 2014 winning team of … Continue reading FIFA World Champion 2014 – Germany

Chronicles of Bubu G: “The end”

When mummy was leaving for work… Mummy: Bye Bubu. Mummy’s going to work. Bubu: Mummy go work.. Mummy: Yes. Come hug and kiss mummy. Bubu: “muak muak” Mummy then goes into the car and started the engine. Bubu: Mummy start gin (engine) ! Daddy: Yes. Vroom vroom. Then mummy waved bye bye from the car and left. Daddy: OK. Let’s go in and have breakfast. … Continue reading Chronicles of Bubu G: “The end”