Chronicles of Bubu G: D-Day

Yup…. Daddy’s Day. The day to spend quality time with Bubu. Unfortunately I’m sick with viral infected fever and Bubu got some stomach upset.

He’s “getting older” now despite only being close to 2 years 5 months. Even the doctor almost prescribed medicine fit for 5 year old and above…


He’s very talkative and could remember a lot of things… like “dragonfly”, “Lexus car”, ” daddy’s car”, mummy’s car etc.

Santa Claus remains his No. 1 fantasy being and Peppa Pig is no. 2.

He can navigate and skip adverts within YouTube app on iPad. He may seem to be smart but people always say that exposure to gadgets at this age is not advisable…. but..

Just yesterday I showed him some mimosa grass near the bridge at the mini park and he was so amazed. It was a fun discovery for him.. now today the whole day he has been talking about “close grass”.

He’s also very naughty at times. Maybe this is part of the package. At the end of the day, his cuteness outweighs the dark side of him i.e. throwing tantrum relentlessly and stubborn.


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