The Chronicles of Bubu G: Present

He is obsessed with Santa Claus, reindeer and present. He kept asking me for present… why Santa Claus is not coming to give present. Everyday gotta draw him Christmas tree with presents and Santa Claus on his sleigh coming to town.

So I got him a real present the other day. Quite a dear drum from a toy shop.


He was like “pear-szhen, pear-szhen” running around with it. “Daddy open daddy open”.

Once opened he was so happy with the wooden drumsticks that he put away the old plastic drumsticks. Then he started playing away.. poom poom poom.


It was a tin drum by Egmont Toy… made in Belgium says the box. I thought it could be of higher quality than all the drums I bought before this.

The next evening when I came back from work, the drum was broken. OMG. It cant even last a day.

So, the moral of the story ?

Drums sold at toy shop are for mild mannered kids. Someone like Bubu is to strong and rough for these toy drums.

If you really watch him hit his drum, you’d notice he really put his strength out beating the shit out of the drums and cymbal. His beat is fast.

I think he needs to learn to control the strength of his beats.

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