Transfer contacts to Nexus 5

How to transfer your contacts from iPhone 4 (iOS 7.0.4) to Google Nexus 5 (KitKat 4.4.2) ??

Some of us may not like to mix the phone contacts with the contacts in our gmail account. Avoid duplication of contact entries.


1. Then the best way to transfer contacts is to sync your contacts to via iTunes to your computer.

2. Convert the .contacts files to CSV or vCard (.vcf), you may need to have Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes etc installed to do so.

3. Make sure you’ve logged into the phone using your preferred Google account.

4. Then connect your Nexus 5 to computer via cable.

5. Browse into the phone filesystem and copy the folder with all your vCard contact files into the phone.

6. Go to the app People and go to the menu, select “Import/export” >> “Import from storage” >> “Import all vCard files”.

7. Let it run for a while. Go make a cup of coffee. Relax.

8. When its done, voila.. you have all your contacts exactly from the ones on your old iPhone.

9. Log into Google Contacts on computer using the same preferred Google account you used to log into the Nexus 5.

10. Manage your contacts there. Do some spring cleaning if you want.

11. It’ll automatically sync to the phone for any changes made.

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