Abode for Bubu XXIV: House No. B

The other day I was carrying Bubu, taking him for a walk outside the house. I went to the door bell button to let him press the button.

Then I asked him what is this…. pointing at the house number “13”.

He immediately answered “B…”.

I was like what the… but then I realised that 13 really looks like a B.

He had an alphabet set and he could only pronounce B so far… before we moved here. But I heard him saying A yesterday… which he could recognise now. Been teaching ABC for 2-3 months.

Back to the B = 13 story. He is right. He is fucking right. I burst into laughter and he too laughed. And together we laughed standing at the door bell outside the house.

So, this is house no. B !

B for Bubu.


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