Chronicles of Bubu G: Twenty one months

Bubu will be turning 21 months next Friday.

He’s very cheeky theses days. He is now trying to talk and he pickup words very fast. He can even pronounce ‘iPad’ nicely.

He pronounces ‘frog’ as ‘fhurck’… just like ‘fuck’. Haha. Here’s some words he can say quite properly: deddy, memmy, broom, van, cup, car, truck, jeep, bus, book, Book, mik (milk), sleekt (sleep), cheh-cheh (elder sister), koko (elder brother), cat, dog, ter (water), nana (banana), kai-kai (go for walk), door, key, car key etc.

At times, I really wanna smack him when he throws tantrum.

He started to cough yesterday and vomited yesterday night. This morning sent him to hospital and doctor prescribed nebuliser. He was so scared he struggled and cried so loud the whole of A&E section could hear. Even the nurse who was administering the nebuliser, was taken aback when she found out Bubu is just 21 months old. She said his size and strength is like 3 year olds. Using a blanket to wrap him so that his hands won’t be able to pull away the mask didn’t help either.

Bubu’s strong.

After struggling for a while, maybe about 15-20 minutes, he was tired and dozed off. Or perhaps the prescription contained some sedative.

Just like daddy, when I was small I also struggles whenever I went for jabs and unusual treatment.



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