Change: Again

Recently there’s something kept playing in my mind : identity.

No I’m not thinking about changing name and gender/sex. Fuck you.

After working in this profession for sometime, I was thinking if one day I have to quit and join another company… will I be able to rid the ingrained loss adjuster mentality and fit into another job?!

Just to illustrate the situation, it’s like a commercial aircraft pilot suddenly had to be a taxi or bus driver… you know. He/she is still driving but a different kind of technique is required.

Some people just want to belong to something… it’s like a veteran soldier who suddenly become a civilian, working at the supermarket. The loss of identity.

I guess it won’t be that bad if you’re only changing role within the same industry value chain like.. from being a loss adjuster to being a loss estimator (contractor / repairer) or insurance broker or claims examiner.

Some people might say varied experience may add advantage to your CV but another camp may say to varied akin to rojak is no good either. But that is a story for another day.

Anyway, I love my current job but with increased commitment, looking for a change all for the sake of money is inevitable. It’s just a game. Gee.

At the end of the day, it’s all for Bubu and Bubu Mummy.


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