No choice but to get a drill to do home improvement. Wanted to get a cordless drill but the salesperson at Houz Depot recommended a bundled promotion – a Black & Decker 710W hammer drill + 50 pieces of drill bits and screwdriving set for RM269.90. Hey, that’s cheap. The drill bits and screwdriving set alone could cost more than a hundred ringgits. It’s not … Continue reading Tool

Abode for Bubu XXI: IKEA macha

Sometime, paying for someone to assemble the furniture you bought from IKEA is a wise idea. It’s too heavy for cash and carry. They take 1 hour plus to assemble two drawer cabinets, one TV console and a bedside table. If I were to do it myself it might take 5-6 hours. Furthermore, the DeWalt cordless screw drivers they used are superb. I gotta get … Continue reading Abode for Bubu XXI: IKEA macha

Abode for Bubu XX: Smart rack

Gee.. the last update was so long ago. Bought DIY rackings from Smart Lack… erm… I mean Smart Rack, Sg. Buloh. These lightweight industrial rackings are better than those flimsy rackings on sale at Houz Depot which not only dearer but come with standard size and inferior quality compared to these I bought from Smart Rack. Heard of their name through work and I went … Continue reading Abode for Bubu XX: Smart rack

Change: Again

Recently there’s something kept playing in my mind : identity. No I’m not thinking about changing name and gender/sex. Fuck you. After working in this profession for sometime, I was thinking if one day I have to quit and join another company… will I be able to rid the ingrained loss adjuster mentality and fit into another job?! Just to illustrate the situation, it’s like … Continue reading Change: Again