Is Tunku’s dream of a unified Malaysia realised today… after 56 years of independence?

They were talking about this topic on BFMRadio today.

Frankly, the Unity we have now is superficial. How can a society be holistically united when deep down in heart there’s still “you’re Malay, I’m Chinese , he’s Indian that person is lain-lain”. People up to my generation are racist. Maybe Bubu’s generation too. But if we do something about it today, perhaps on the next two generation, we could have a single Malaysian race. Things gotta start somewhere.

Thats just mere tolerance. We all tolerate with each other so that everyone can co-habit… just like the olden days.

Lee Chong Wei (Datuk) is born a Chinese and will die a Chinese (its stated in his birth cert and will be stated in death cert) but when he played Lin Dan, he is Malaysian. Come on.

In my opinion, unity per se could never be 100% achieved. The most is that we can improve the current state if we:-

1. Stop playing race-based politics and instead go with ideology only.

2. Make ALL citizens to have the same privilege from entering university to buying a house to everything else. Do away the quota system. Scrap the bumi-non bumi crap. Amend the laws. Laws are dead things, humans are not.

3. Fix the education system. Things have to be instilled from young. In my opinion, Singapore is so successful because of their education system. We are still divided because of the language medium we used in school. Seriously.

In my opinion, the root cause(s) for the unity that Tunku envisioned DID NOT MATERIALISE is because of the simple things I mentioned above. It was never a complicated thing / task to identify the root cause.

I’m even confused with the history… are those school text books I used to have accurate ? Still remember the divide & rule policy practiced by the colonial British?


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