Penang One restaurant at Kota Damansara

I have not been blogging about food for sometime. I’m not a food blogger because these type of bloggers often give reviews that the restaurants want the readers to read. In return, these food bloggers get free meals. I’ve been duped several times by some crap food blogs and I won’t even read these blogs nowadays.

Heck, there’s no free lunch.

Anyway, saw this new shop Penang One Restaurant in Kota Damansara last week. Thought give it a try and went there this afternoon.

It has quite a big following of Penang food lovers.

I had the hokkien mee (aka prawn mee in KL) and Szer had the asam laksa. And prawn paste chee cheong fun for Bubu.

When’s the food served…. my prawn mee was great. It has pork ribs and normal sized prawns. It was a nice simple bowl of hokkien mee. Simplicity is better than those complicated giant prawn mee with giant size thin pork meat which often make eating prawn mee a dreadful experience. It spend on the mood. This is Penang street food brought under one roof.

Szer loved that asam laksa. The broth was nice and the lai fun was smooth and slippery. And the prawn paste made it better.

Bubu doesn’t like the chee cheong fun coz of the prawn paste I guess. Maybe one day he’ll drink prawn paste like daddy…one day. But daddy loves prawn paste chee cheong fun.

Ordered a toasted bread for him. The bread is too hard I’d guess and he don’t seem to like it either. After daddy finished the great hokkien mee… daddy ordered the Lum Lai duck meat koay teow th’ng (koay teow soup).

When the koay teow th’ng served, the aroma of the soup with the fresh garlic oil was simply out of the world. Gave Bubu some koay teow and he right away wanted more with his hand trying to reach the bowl of piping hot koay teow th’ng. He slurped the koay teow noodles from my spoon. The koay teow was so smooth and slippery even a baby would slurp it the first time he tried koay teow.

The duck meat was sliced to a just-nice size and there’s fish balls and met balls. On top of that all, the highlight of that bowl of noodles is the fresh crispy crunchy deep-fried garlic oil. Seriously, without the garlic oil, the bowl of noodles would be just a normal koay teow th’ng despite the nice broth, duck meat and meat balls.

To sum it up, that restaurant is good. They only serve few selected famous Penang food namely duck egg char koay teow, hokkien mee, pork blood curry mee, prawn paste chee cheong fun, asam laksa, duck meat koay teow th’ng and some kuih-muih for teatime.

Will go there again to sample the rest of the menu.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, the taste of the food depicted here may not up to your taste expectation… Penangites and Ipohians will start a food war.

So read this shit at your own risk.



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