At the 100 Yen shop…

Daddy: What’s this, Bubu? (pointing at Hello Kitty)
Bubu: Caat. Caat.
Daddy: Yeah. How about this? (Pointing at a toy dog)
Bubu: Dork. Dork.
Daddy: Yeah.. now what’s this? (Pointing at the one-eyed Minion of Despicable Me fame)
Bubu: Piig. Piig.
Daddy: No, this is Minion. Now, what’s this? (Then points to the two-eyed Minion)
Bubu: Piig. Piig.
Daddy: No… this is also not a pig.

Oh…. the green Minion Pig of Angry Bird that I’ve been telling him. He must have thought “minion” means pig.