Chronicles of Bubu G: Wheels obsession

Lately he’s so obsessed with vehicles with wheels. Whenever he sees a vehicle be it car, truck, jeep or motorcycle he will pull my finger and ask me to point at the vehicle’s wheel and to do a circular motion while I sing “the wheels of the go round and round, round and round…”.

His latest fascination is the red Mini (the old Mr Bean’s model) that is parked two-parking-spaces away from our car. Everytime we get to the car park (go out or coming home), he’d want us to take him to the car and sing. He even tried to grab the Mini’s mini front wiper blade… “the wipers of the car go swish swish swish, swish swish swish, swish swish swish…”.

My boy…


Here, Bubu thought the jukebox was a bus because the front speaker grille has a round badge and Bubu thought it was a wheel.


Here he is playing with the other girl (Szer friend’s daughter). At one point, Bubu pulled the girl’s shirt and pushes her away so that he can have the jukebox all to himself.


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