Abode for Bubu XVII: Eubiq autogate

The abovementioned items are done.

Now the next thing to install are the air conditioners and water heaters.

Furniture will be the agenda for the next few weeks.. I still have not get the dining chairs to go with my kickass dining table. Bed for FIL and mattresses. Stokke high chair for Bubu.

I gonna have a home office / study room too so that I can do reports in peace and Szer can conduct her night conference calls. Yay.

Just wish the house could be done in no time and to move in and save the hassle of rushing up and down to meet Bubu’s sleep time.

Lately there’s too many reports delayed due to “personal commitment” and been getting fucked for the delays. I guess once you have a kid, you just won’t have time for other things. Work is already killing you (ask any adjuster in a firm that is operating at the scale of my company)… and gotta adjust to Bubu’s timing…. it just leave you with not much time in a day for anything else. The most I can get is some me time on the throne (WC) for daily Sun news paper (you won’t have time to even flip the pages of The Star). By the time loo time and shower is done, you’d be too tired (aging?) and 30 – 45 minutes of YouTube and social media before hitting the bed at 9.30pm. Will be damn tired by that time.

Rest and sleep are luxury these days.

Bubu’s Crib in the making.


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