Abode for Bubu XVI: Devils festival

Ha… the cabinets installed. Lightings installed. Fans installed. Fresh coat of paint.

The painting guy needs to come back to touch up here and there after the electricians and cabinet guys left stains everywhere.

Now the house seems very functional. Of course there’s a few more big items need to be installed – airconds and water heaters. This can only be done once we moved in because of security reasons. The area is still very quite at any given day.

Furthermore it’s now Hari Raya holidays. Luckily the security guards services were extended by Sime Darby.

The 7th lunar month will delay moving-in to after August. Superstition had it that its not good to move house this month as the free roaming devils / spirits will follow you into your new home. To me, i don’t know about all this but there’s no harm observing it. All Chinese contractors will observe this. They will stop working until the festival is over in mid 7th lunar month.

Gotta start packing stuffs now and move small items bit by bit.

I realised the developer did not take into consideration that house owners need to install aircond at the living room and there is just no proper place for the aircond outdoor compressor unit to be installed. The electrician who us also an aircond installer studied the house layout and frowned.


Argh. Poor design by Sime Darby. Btw, for using his services (the electrician), he gave me a free used test pen. Cheapskate.


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