Abode for Bubu XV: Now I know why

Geez…. I now fucking know why some people would rather get a single focal point contractor to manage the whole renovation process eventhough they may charge higher.

If you have all the time in the world, you can manage the various contractors yourself and plan the work in a structured way.

If you don’t have time, engage a trusted person who can handle every single damn thing on your behalf.

Seriously. I learned it the hard way.

If you got a new house, make sure your renovation goes as following order:

1. Plan out what type of lightings, how many air conditioners, water heaters and power points you’d need and the location you’ll install them. Once you know all these, engage a WIRING MAN to do all the necessary wall hacking, wirings, laying of cables and adding of power points or switches. Alternatively, you can consider using Eubiq (TM) extension. They are very nice and appealing but a bit pricey.

2. Then the next contractor should be the person doing cement related works who doses tiling, concrete table top, plumbing, plaster ceiling, etc.

3. Then paint the house. Interior and/or exterior.

4. The third contractor should be the grille fella. Once the grilles are installed, your house will be safer (not entirely safe from intruders though).

5.. Now get all the aircond and lightings fixed / installed. The built-in cabinets can be installed now too. Add extra door locks and latches where necessary.

6. Then you can install the outdoor awnings, polycarbonate shelters etc.

7. Clean the house. Major cleaning.

8. Get the furniture to come in.

Geez… now I’m talking like a pro. Didn’t have much time to put some thoughts to it earlier. Too many things came at once. Guess its a learning process.


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