This weekend settled the cabinets measurement and gotta wait for the design drawing to be ready next week.. ahh.. at least the built-in cabinets are settled.

Also bought some of the lighting stuff as some of the lights we wanted were either out of stock or damaged. Once the remaining grilles are installed, fittings can be installed and furnitures can be purchased. At the moment, can just se only.

Furniture hunt continues….. stuff at UrbanEdge, Jln Yap Kwan Seng is nice but too expensive. I realised that getting a furniture is like getting a work of art. If you think the ware is worth the price you would just get it. If not, just leave it. It all depend on your taste.

We’ve visited quite a few furniture shops in KL, PJ and Subang..

Eventually IKEA is the most referred-to and their stuff is the most into-the-face because they’re everywhere. It’s affordable too.

Houz Depot is another handy mart. Some items are cheap when there’s sale.

Is there a “pantang” (superstition) whereby you can’t move house during the seventh lunar month (devils’ month)? The contractors also don’t work that month.

Headache. Paracetamol.