Graduation song

So the day finally arrived. The 4-yearly graduation ceremony for MII. Having received the associateship two years ago, the excitement is not the same as when the exam result was announced two years ago.

Anyway, it’s still an important event in my life. I’ve only attended a college and Universiti Rakyat which doesn’t have a graduation or convo day.

Seriously, although wanted to take advantage of the opened doors with an insurance qualification…. at times I felt indebted to the company as they paid for my studies and I actually love the job (loss adjusting) BUT not the tremendous workload.

Back to the topic of the day… the graduation ceremony somewhat went well though it was a bit poorly coordinated. They had the institute’s AGM and graduation today. All the associate and ordinary members were actually invited to attend to elect new board members of the institute.

But why they chose to do it on the same day?? Just because they want to make full use of the VVIPs’ time to attend everything on the same day.

Really.. this time really back to the topic of the day.


Before the ceremony began, national anthem was played. Normal. Everyone sang. This was the second time I sang the national anthem this year. The first time was at Black 505 rally at Kelana Jaya after the general election.

After the national anthem…. they fucking played the distasteful 1Malaysia propaganda song. In my opinion, it was so distasteful of the Malaysian Insurance Institute to play that song which I think the VVIPs don’t even know the lyrics.

I did not hear anyone in the hall singing that song eventhough there were lyrics displayed on the wall projection. Everyone just stood there and listened to the pre-recorded song. It’s not live performance. I didn’t gave a fuck and whipped out the Insurance magazine from the goodies bag door gift and read John Horswell’s article on forensics and combating fraud. I’ve met him a few times for work. He was a forensic specialist with Australian police before he retired and moved to Malaysia to join Approved Forensics Group.

Ok… then came the institute’s song. This I have no issue even if I don’t know the lyrics. It’s the institute’s event afterall. Actually I didn’t even know there’s a MII song.

There were quite a number of international students and guests… I just find it inappropriate to subject them to political propaganda song.

Finally… I’ve worn that “square headgear” (is there a name for it?) and the dangling bunch of strings is irritating. Seriously. Luckily it’s just for a portrait photoshoot and not the entire event. Wished Bubu was there for the family photo but…

PS: There were pedlars selling flower bouquets with teddy bear, Mickey Mouse etc dolls inside and outside PWTC. Szer wanted to buy me one and of course I was never a fan of such things. In my mind, “whoa, MII graduation is so happening. There’s even pedlars taking advantage of the event to make some money??!! It must be a big event”. Once inside the building only I found out MAHSA college / uni were having their convo at the next hall on the same floor. There were so many people that the MII event was 20 times smaller in terms of attendees.




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