Abode for Bubu IX: Renovation

Finally renovation is underway. Hopefully it could be over soon and I hope to move in to the new house before year end.

Having limited time even on weekend, with Bubu around, it is hard to go around to scout shop for home fittings. Well, that’s the price you gotta pay if your not dealing with a single contractor who would manage and run the show for you.

We decided to use Ah Choong Kitchen coz he’s reliable and friendly. He is MIL’s friend by the way. He is doing the works himself and with the help of his sidekick. Well, at least no foreign worker is doing the kitchen and the extensive piping/plumbing work. They will be doing the tiling work of the car porch and backyard. Having seen the tiling work at SIL’s place I’m satisfied with Ah Choong Kitchen workmanship.

The downside is that they don’t provide a quotation and everything is based on trust.

Maybe I’ve been requesting too many quotations from claimants (building damage claim) in the course of my work. Even for a simple job by people like Ah Choong Kitchen we would need a quotation or invoice with breakdown of items for reporting purposes. These claimants would tell us that their contractor is English-illiterate or totally illiterate or doesn’t have a computer and does not issue any quotation. Everything is based on agreed scope of work and price. By hook or by crook we will coerce the claimant to submit quotation even by just writing on a piece of paper. Now I know how these claimants feel when they were asked for a quotation when their contractor couldn’t produce it.

Frankly, it is actually an “opportunity” for the claimant but that is a story for another day.

With a limited budget, we have to forego fancy custom ID which everybody wants for their new home. I’ll save that for next time. At the moment, the priority is to get the house to inhabitable condition so that we can move and settle in the new township. More space for Bubu to stretch his muscle. There’s whole lot of inevitable big purchases need to be made i.e. electrical appliances, fittings and furniture.

Feel so blessed to be able to make some money to afford these for Bubu. The biggest credit has to go to my wife for contributing a large chunk of moolah due to my other financial commitment. Bubu and Bubu Daddy are so blessed. Hopefully the other financial burden could be reduced..


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