Another freak accident occured on the road that caused tragic death to a chef. We all feel sad when such thing happens.

I always make it a point to stay away from prime movers with trailers laden with construction material or giant timber logs. I’ll even stay clear from containers because you never know how the cargo in it was packed.

The cargo may be overweight. The metal chain restraining the timber logs may snap. Improperly stacked goods in container may cause imbalance hence a possibility of overturning.

And did you notice how they stack bricks or pylons on trailer? Worse, some may transport a forklift on a normal cargo lorry without proper restraint.

There’s too many claims (insurance) for these accidents.

Another thing that I want to remind you is that lorry tyres often explode whilst on the road. These usually are worn out tyres. I’ve witnessed an incident where my car was second car stopped at a t-junction with a 3-ton lorry being the first car ahead.

Whilst waiting for a lorry trailer to pass by the main road suddenly an tyre explosion occured just when the lorry trailer was passing by. I almost jumped inside the car from that sudden shock. The next thing I found was that the windscreen glass of the 3-ton lorry in front of me was shattered due to the forceful explosion or probably tyre debris that went ballistic.

Just stay away from trailers and low loaders.

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