Chronicles of Bubu G: Walk walk walk

This morning took him for a walk downstairs. He doesn’t want to sit on the tricycle anymore and threatened me with his “mat rempit” (motorcycle stunt daredevil) stunts i.e. standing on the seat of his tricycle. By the way, he likes motorcycle. Whenever I say motorcycle or showed him a motorcycle he’d “broom broom broom”. I just have to let loose of him and put … Continue reading Chronicles of Bubu G: Walk walk walk

Graduation song

So the day finally arrived. The 4-yearly graduation ceremony for MII. Having received the associateship two years ago, the excitement is not the same as when the exam result was announced two years ago. Anyway, it’s still an important event in my life. I’ve only attended a college and Universiti Rakyat which doesn’t have a graduation or convo day. Seriously, although wanted to take advantage … Continue reading Graduation song

Abode for Bubu X : Reno sneak peek

Renovating a house is not easy at all whether you’re in a tight budget or money-not-an-issue. You may like a design/theme and another dweller may have their idea of design. Design don’t always go with practicality… seriously this is a fact. Then selecting fittings such as taps and faucets, fans and lightings is also an adventure.. the quest for the cheapest, nicest and best items … Continue reading Abode for Bubu X : Reno sneak peek