Malaysians were blatantly cheated and raped by fraudulent election : GE13

Today mark the beginning of renewed racism and the “death of democracy” in Malaysia where the dirtiest election took place with blatant fraudulent conduct of the polling process. There are hundreds of photos and videos on social medias such as Facebook and YouTube that captured the happening of dubious voters being caught but yet were allowed to cast their “vote”, several occasions where ballot boxes arrived at counting stations in taxi, cars, etc more than 5 hours after polling ended, sudden power blackout at counting stations in several key areas contested where one candidate was leading by quite a majority but after the blackout the result favored the other guy and most of all, the “indelible” ink which washed off immediately when I reached home after voting.

The “Chinese tsunami” as stated by Najis, is a phrase that took racism in Malaysia to greater heights. I was informed by people of his father’s generation…. he is just like his father.

After 56 year of independence, I can’t believe these bigots are still playing the racist card.

Seriously, I am disheartened that Bubu is brought into this screwed “Bangla Nation”. We just have to admit it. It has been like that and it will be like that because it has been so since my grandfather’s time.

This writing is to serve as the history of the struggle to free Malaysia from racism and to save the democracy in Malaysia. Well there there had never a “democracy” literally in Malaysia.. who the fuck am I to talk about democracy or lassezfaire, duh. I’m just too carried away by the “rape of najis”.

Now I see how valueable and powerful the screwed-up education system to the fraudsters instead of the people.

Hope Bubu will not blame us for giving people of his generation a bleak Malaysia.

Seriously, I personally likened people like Anwar Ibrahim to Nelson Mandela for, in my opinion, he is the person that uncovered all the bullshit we’re fed through the controlled mainstream media over the years until social media and Internet came. Or maybe I was an ignorant.


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