Poor management of taxpayers’ resources

To: Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia

Dear En. Mohd Yusof / En. Asrul Sani,

1. The password recovery (Forget Password) function at LHDN website is buggy/faulty. The link sent via server generated email points to an “expired” page. Hence it is not possible to reset password via the website.

2. Numerous calls via toll free number and the HQ (Jln Duta) landline as well as Petaling Jaya branch landline did not connect through for the past 2-3 weeks. When someone (at PJ branch) finally pickup the phone, it was transferred to yet another extension (apparently Cik Zatul is not from Website Password department) and no one picks up the call.

So I decided that enough is enough. I therefore visited the PJ branch.

3. To reset a password alone will need me to queue for about more than 20 minutes. This could’ve been curtailed (it’s unnecessary in the first place) had the server bug (expired page for password recovery) been rectified and save the time and expenses to visit the PJ branch just to reset password.

I hope the website bug(s) could be rectified by the next assessment year.

Yours sincerely,

endroo G

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