Safety when using escalator

Today our office received another case of a kid whose leg was stuck in an escalator. Public liability claim… against a huge reputable shopping mall in USJ. In the file, there were vivid photographs printed on full A4 paper per photo. According to the “PL king” the moniker we refer to this colleague of mine… we did a similar case involving the same shopping mall.

Just in case you didn’t notice… these days many public places especially shopping malls erected signboards to warn visitors to not use a certain type of footwear that is made of colourful rubber as there are statistics to show that wearers of these footwear were involved in such freak accidents.

“Row row row your boat, gently down the stream… if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream.”

Not to spoil your appetite but this is what really did happen. you can google or look up at DOSH website for photos.

Often the victims were always children. Parents should seriously keep an eye on the kids at shopping mall where there are many escalators going up and down.

Remember to adhere to the instructions on the signage before using escalators. Stand and keep your feet within the yellow demarcation lines. Teach your kids on the proper way to use escalator.

Be careful when the escalator is reaching the leveling part (towards the upper or lower floors) because that’s where two steps level up and things may get trapped between it.

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