Baby high chair

Sometimes I wonder why other kids who are about Bubu’s age would sit obediently and quietly on the baby high chair while their parents are having a meal.

Bubu would be throwing stuff i.e. spoon onto the floor, bang the table, put his leg up, pulling the table cloth etc to get your attention. He has to be given his food in a timely interval or he’ll scream and make noise. If he’s not strapped, he’ll try to stand up on the chair. Gosh.

Most of the time the restaurants / kopitiams (coffeeshops) we go only have the airy metal high chairs commonly used in Bolehland which doesn’t come with a strap and I would tell you these high chairs are very dangerous.

First, they are oversized and there’s a lot of room for most babies to move around. There’s no bars on both sides and a baby could fall off the chair.

Secondly, there is no strap as strap is essential to restrain the baby from falling off the chair from the side.

Just now while we were having dinner at a restaurant, Bubu stood up on the metal high chair and I was shocked.

Now, to come to think of it, kudos to those restaurants that have IKEA’s baby high chairs for their customers. The IKEA chair is well designed with a strap and a size that fit most babies. A very simple design that works.

Geez. Don’t play-play.

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