Chronicles of Bubu G: The box, the ball the “daddy”

Yo, how I wished Ennio Morricone could compose a song for this episode. Duh.

Ok. Finally, this morning he uttered twice “daddy”… or rather “tat-tee”. Luckily this time Szer was also around to witness it. I asked him to call daddy and he replied just that… TWICE !! No joke.

Actually he already uttered the word on two occasions many months ago but too bad Szer did not witness it and she said I was hallucinating.

Well, bought him an el-cheapo ball from Giant for his amusement because for the past few days I’ve been coming home early and played football with him at SIL’s car porch. Not playing football with him literally but just kicked Aaron’s football around and it got Bubu amused and all excited. He’s like addicted and everytime I got home, he’d want me to take him to the car porch for football time.

I think I gotta introduce sports to him at very early age to spark his interest. I don’t want him to be like me… a “kaki bangku” (an old Malay idiom which I shall let you google for the meaning) and doesn’t really play any game of sports actively.

Then there’s this box for a deck of flash cards that Szer bought. Bubu has been playing with the box for the past few days and I demonstrated to him how to open the box using the thumb. For the past few days he tried but he could not manage to open it… then this evening, he succeeded without much hassle. A few more rounds of sharpening his box-opening skill and he may realise the function of the thumb.

I’m so proud of my Bubu. Thanks to his mummy for all the love.



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