Life in “technicolor”

Eversince we started bringing Bubu home everyday, the already-changed life had never been the same. Interrupted sleep is a form of torture and Szer is taking the brunt. Gotta give her the salute for taking care of Bubu feeding him at night and most of the time. (Of course MIL also helped a lot when Bubu earlier stayed with her on weekdays).

Truly indebted to both of them for life.

Parenting so far requires a lot of sacrifice of leisure time. Life forever changed. The boy will wake you up by jumping onto you first thing when he wakes up every morning at 5.00 am. I even go to work early (I’m the earliest in my dept) after sending Bubu to MIL every morning. I’ll be at office by 7.30am.

Then gotta rush home in the evening in order to pickup Bubu to go home before 7.00pm or risk having a world-No. 1 cry baby in the car, stuck in the jam that could delay us to about 20-30 minutes from AD to our place (usually about 8 minutes without traffic jam).

Once home, gotta watch the super hyper active boy whilst he crawls and climbs around, pulling curtains, grabbing telephone, pulling phone wire, climbing the walker etc and whilst Szer get the milk stuff and other household stuff ready (gee, she’s damn efficient).

Having an efficient wife is a good thing, to come to think of it. Bubu’s affair as in what milk to give him, what food to feed him, what time to sleep, what time to bath, when to play etc I have to let them (Szer and MIL) to make the decision coz MIL has vast experience in taking care babies and both ladies surely have motherly instinct. So leave it to the pros.

Loss adjusting is a very taxing and demanding job that pays a meagre salary. So, these days there’s not much me-time left except the time when doing an offload in the toilet. Not much time for anything else. Having just transferred ti the current dept at the workplace, much concentration already given to the job to learn the rope. Of course gotta keep spare spare energy to play with Bubu everyday.

Just a rant.


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