Project Home

Bubu’s getting bigger by the day and he needs more space to crawl and explore. The current pad is just too small.

Well, the defects work for the new house is almost done and I think in another week or two, I can start the renovation works. Contractor had visited the house. Gotta go select some tiles for the kitchen and also buy electrical fittings. There’s a lot to do with the limited time in hand.

On top of that all, there’s always a budget constraint. So frivolous things are curtailed.

Getting excited to move to the new house soon. I think it’s a privilege we all deserved being at a certain station in life. (thanks to The Lord for His blessings ).

Bubu will have more space to crawl and daddy can go cycling. Yay. Mummy will have to go jogging at the mean time till Bubu is old enough to learn cycling. Then mummy can learn cycling together with Bubu.


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