Chronicles of Bubu G: The box, the ball the “daddy”

Yo, how I wished Ennio Morricone could compose a song for this episode. Duh. Ok. Finally, this morning he uttered twice “daddy”… or rather “tat-tee”. Luckily this time Szer was also around to witness it. I asked him to call daddy and he replied just that… TWICE !! No joke. Actually he already uttered the word on two occasions many months ago but too bad … Continue reading Chronicles of Bubu G: The box, the ball the “daddy”

Life in “technicolor”

Eversince we started bringing Bubu home everyday, the already-changed life had never been the same. Interrupted sleep is a form of torture and Szer is taking the brunt. Gotta give her the salute for taking care of Bubu feeding him at night and most of the time. (Of course MIL also helped a lot when Bubu earlier stayed with her on weekdays). Truly indebted to … Continue reading Life in “technicolor”