Balance of the force

Whilst many multinational companies are encouraging their staff to have a work-life balance, many of us working in chinamen organisation these days are getting distanced from achieving that very goal of life.

Sure the organisation are getting a lot of business but the mental health as well as physical health of employee are compromised. The amount of work could never be finished even if we really clock exactly 8 hours a day. No more no less.

Traveling time is considered part of working time too.

Everyone chase for their report and you must close 10 files at the sane time, if possible. They tell you not to leave at 5.30pm sharp and to stay back to clear some reports. Then they’ll tell you that you’re single and why you all are leaving the office at 5.30pm sharp. Not that you have a big family feast waiting for you at home.

Some of them. who have family, may think that if they can sacrifice their after-office hours to stay back a while to clear a bit more work, everyone else should be or must be able to do the same too. But they never think of the difficult circumstances of other people.

I just don’t like that not only they are not encouraging staff to strike a work-life balance, they never think why everyone could not possibly clear all the backlog and what is the cause along the chain that created the non-compliance of benchmarks.

This is not an utopia world.

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