Buy phone

Geez. It’s so hard to even get a fucking phone these days. Visited a few Maxis centres for the past 3 weeks and always there’s no stock. iPhone 5, Samsung, Nokia, Htc etc. all no stock.

On the other hand, DiGi has all the phones they are selling (bundled with their contract plans).

So, is it that Maxis products and services are better than DiGi ?! Or is it that the phone manufacturers allocated more phones for DiGi?!

Please let me know.

Lets talk about iPhone 5. There’s no stock in most Maxis shops. Even if they have it, only 16gb iPhones are available. Where the fuck is all the 32gb and 64gb ? I suspect they are trying to push all the 16gb phones away and hold the 32gb and 64gb phones.

I don’t think Apple is dumb enough to keep on producing 16gb phones after the launch when it was proven that consumers are snapping up at least a 32gb as the apps and camera recordings are getting bigger in size and 16gb is just not enough anymore at this age.

Then , going to the Maxis TTDI centre to get a phone is a nightmare. First, parking is a problem. Then, there’s not enough seating for waiting customers. The premises is not baby friendly. There’s only 8 Maxis centres nationwide for you to get a new phone and contract plan catered for the entire population of the country (about 28 million). Tiu.

Those who can’t wait or rather doesn’t want to wait due to long queue and those who doesn’t have much time to visit the centres again would settle for the 16gb and let the Apple-telco cartel squeeze their balls dry.

We’re not even talking about stories of people offering their various body parts (both ‘public’ and private parts) for money to buy an iPhone.

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