Balance of the force

Whilst many multinational companies are encouraging their staff to have a work-life balance, many of us working in chinamen organisation these days are getting distanced from achieving that very goal of life. Sure the organisation are getting a lot of business but the mental health as well as physical health of employee are compromised. The amount of work could never be finished even if we … Continue reading Balance of the force

The most memorable birthday ever

The cake ordered from an individual freelance baker who stays around Kepong area. The price RM100 for the cake is reasonable. She improvised the overall design from the photo Szer sent to her. Bubu is a big fan of Humpty A. Dumpty. The 1st birdday gathering lunch was cancelled as Bubu was having a viral fever with vomiting and diarrhoea. It was so critical we … Continue reading The most memorable birthday ever

Three Two

One year older but wiser. Birthday is just like any other day. 32 is just a number. A good meal treat (it was not bak kut teh though) and time well spent with Bubu and Bubu Mummy are all that mattered. Thanks to Bubu Mummy. Birdday presents for Bubu came early. Finally got him a swimsuit, swimming diapers and a kickass float. Now we have … Continue reading Three Two