Since the last holiday trip to Chiangmai in August 2011, szer and I had not been to any trip, not even local trip.

That was the last ever since Bubu arrived. Bubu was about 2 months (in the tummy) when we went to Chiangmai.

Now with Bubu tug around, going for a trip will be nightmare. He sleeps by 7.00 pm and wakes up between 4.30 am 5.30 am everyday. We can’t possibly take him for trip and go walk around doing sightseeing and shopping. Imagine taking him to a small place like Macau and put him on stroller and tour everywhere on foot like what we actually did in 2010.

Eventhough a breakaway is highly needed… I guess that’s just something I’ve gotta sacrifice for Bubu. I can’t even take him into the swimming pool yet thus beach holiday is out of the question. Geez, when was the last time I went for a beach holiday ? Circa 2004-2005 ?!?!

I think I’ll just have to plan for a breakaway from KL for a week. 3 days 2 nights trip is just not enough. I’m starting to get sick of KL for now. Lets not even talk about work shit.

Any baby friendly place to go that is not too far?



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