World class poor workmanship by Sime Darby Property

To whom it may concern,

Lately, there’s quite a number of complaints of very poor workmanship and roof leaking at new Denai Alam houses. Many of these houses are less than 2 years and already leaking.

Poor workmanship is definitely a big deal for new houses and to make the matter worse… these houses are not cheap. Developer sold it for RM480k – RM 550k just about 2 years ago. By the time of vacant possession (around mid-2011), the prices soared to 650k and now it’s 780k to 850k.


This window latch alone can tell you how poor the workmanship are. How can this be overlooked by the QC officer and approved ? You can already guess the level of “cincai” workmanship by just looking at this photo.

Can Sime Darby Property look into the matter seriously? You can visit any house from Serista to Verdania to Opulenia… and the house owner can show you more than 10 instances of world class poor workmanship.

These poor workmanship by your contractors could tarnish the brand that Sime Darby had built over the years.. “good quality homes” so to speak.



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