Chronicles of Bubu G: Ancient Nokia phone

I got the shock of my life today. Bubu was playing with Szer’s ancient Nokia phone (actually it was Imn’s phone) in the car after he cried relentlessly as he doesn’t want to sit in the Maxi-Cosi car seat. He was also bored with his toys.

Usually Szer gave him the phone to entertain him with those funky midi ring tones.

So, as usual I let him play with the phone and he was biting it. Despite numerous time taking it from his mouth when he bites it…. I was looking around while Szer was driving. Then when I looked back at Bubu to check on him, I saw his mouth moving like chewing something. Instinct let me know something was amiss.

I picked up the phone from his crotch and realised a button was missing.

Oh shit.


I quickly grabbed his mouth with my left hand and forced it open. Then I stuffed my right finger into his mouth and probed for the missing button. Luckily it was still between his gum and cheek.


He is biting everything including my shirt and shoulder. Yes, shoulder. His bite is strong.

Can this be yet another milestone ?


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