2012: The end is not here yet

The world did not end as per the Mayan prophecy and I’m glad to be still alive to write this post. At time of reporting, I’m sitting on my throne listening to concerto in D Minor for violins strings. Every year around Christmas time, it is the time to look back and blog about the life events that took place in the year.

So, what are the highlights of the year?

First of all, it certainly has to be the arrival of Bubu into our life and with him he brought us much joy, anger, luck, laughter, lack of sleep, being grounded for a while, etc.


His earlier-than-expected arrival two-months short from the due date caught us off guard but luckily we were prepared. His decision to come out of mummy on the 1st day of the second month of the Water Dragon lunar calendar was somewhat on an auspicious day… according to a feng shui apprentice friend.

And that I became a daddy and Szer became a mummy to a lovely adorable boy.

Then, this year mark my tenth year with the company. The job is interesting but the volume of work and stress are high and yet most of the colleagues had been around for sometime. Some are even longer than me. The past year in non-motor had been challenging, having to learn the ropes again for a different kind of ball game but it added value and opened more doors for the career.

Afterall, education is lifelong and regardless of age, I think we have to keep on learning. It may not be just in the classroom but the working environment is a university by itself. Every other day there’ll be a “lawatan sambil belajar” assignment to various places i.e. factories, assembly plants, construction sites, private dwellings, shopping malls etc but after a while, I’d wish that it is not so frequent.

Luckily there was my MIL who helped to take care of Bubu day and night on weekdays for the past 9 months. Also BIL who sacrificed his privacy and the enjoyment of his home for Bubu to be there under the safe hands of MIL.

Gotta juggle the time for work and of course for Bubu. Now that we’re taking him home everyday all the more gotta spend the right amount of time for work.

Also in this year, we’ve bought a house in an upcoming developing township before the price goes up even higher beyond our reach. This had locked us down for a lifetime commitment to be a slave for the licensed money lender. .


The plan is that for Bubu to have a more conducive place to grow up and to give him a childhood filled with lots of memories of outdoor playing time like cycling, ball games, guli, teng teng (hopscotch) etc. I think it’s hard to have all that at the place we currently stays.

Well, that’s all I want to say for 2012. It’s been a wonderful year.

Lets hope 2013 will be better..


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