Chronicles of Bubu G: Smiley ball kiss kiss

Lately the cute lil feller kisses his mummy and he’s so adorable that his mummy hugged him tight.


Hey, how bout daddy ?? Erm… daddy’s chin is rough !

Then, there’s season for his toys. Every toy will be a favourite for a period of time. I observed that as he grows, at different age he will prefer different toys. For example, when he newly discovered his the use of fingers, he loved playing with the yellow-house-red-boat-blue-car song box with buttons to press.

Then when he started teething, he prefers toys that can easily bite. Now, he’s obsessed with the Bright Start “sepak takraw” ball. This ball he can insert his tiny fingers into the holes and there’s another small ball in it to flex his senses.


Despite buying him expensive electronic toys that emanate sound and songs… I now realised that the basic non-electronic old school toys are the best and yet gentler to the wallet.


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