Chronicles of Bubu G: Wee wee wa wa at home

The cute lil feller is crawling now. He will try to straighten his legs and put his butt high up whilst on all four limbs. He’s trying to stand up.

He’s also trying to talk… he’s making a lot of noise.. all baby talk… all sorts of noise. Such a happy baby. Wee wee wa wa.. wee wee wa wa.

Well, we decided to take him home everyday after work.. coz both of us miss him every night when he’s at Ara. Maybe I’ll just have to rough it out and cope with the highly taxing and long hours job and caring for Bubu.

Luckily Szer is such a capable mother.. juggling between her job and giving utmost care to Bubu. She does everything for Bubu… you name it she does it. I’ll just have to layan (entertain) and play with Bubu. A child will definitely stick to the mother more and I just have to surrender and not challenge that birthright of woman.

That’s why there’s only Mama Good song (ser san ser you mama hau….) and have you ever wondered why there’s no Papa Good song? Now you’d know why.

So, we’ll just have to adjust our life now onwards. Gotta find a better paying and less taxing and demanding job that is loss adjusting. Lets not even talk about the long hours required for both the job and sitting in the traffic. Now I’ll have a reason to not take work files home. Fuck the files after work.

Nowadays, there’s no time for a lot of things.


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