Lost adjuster II

Met an accident again yesterday.. the second accident in less than 4 months.

Again it was a lady driving the car which couldn’t stop in time and hit the rear of my Vios car. Shit. It was raining at Jln Duta and I was rushing for an appointment with the dentist to sort out my toothache that had been disturbing me for the past 1-2 weeks. I was driving at about 60 kph and the traffic was quite heavy. Rain some more.

The moment I got down from the car, the lady, one Gabriel Huang also alighted her car and the first thing she said was “Sorry sorry. My brakes were faulty”.

I was like geez… that’s your fucking business. The toothache was affecting my mind. She asked to settle without making police report. Alright then. Better still. I my mind, I took out my parang (to chop) in a sense to exaggerate the repair cost. Took the numbers and photographed the scene. Then I was off to the dentist.

That night I prepared my own repair estimate. Toyota rate.

Next morning I tried calling the lady first thing in the morning but to no avail. A very familiar lady on the other end answered “The number you have called could not be reached at the moment. Please try again later..” Heck. WTF. Is she trying to be funny?! Sent SMS telling her the quote is roughly about RM 8,500.00 . No reply.

Then I proceeded to High Street Police Station (Jln Bandar aka Jln HS Lee). Those runners / tontoh camping at the police station approached me for car repairs and trying to help me in the police report making. Telling me what form to fill up, where to go, who to meet etc.

Then I saw an old friend.. a workshop boss I used to hang out with. It’s been sometime I haven’t seen him. So chatted with the feller and the runner who “helped” me earlier was slightly surprised.

Later in the afternoon.. the lady sent an iMessage asking for the repair quote. Replied to inform her that I’ve lodged a police report as I thought she was trying to be funny.

She then called up and said that she’ll ask a “hero” friend to negotiate with me in the price. I told her there’s nothing else to do since I’ve already lodged a police report.

Then the guy… one Nigel called and first thing he asked was whether I’m a student or working professional. Of course I’m working. Then he tried to be funny saying he wanted to meet me to see my car in order to justify the amount and from the picture that the lady showed him, he estimated to be about RM 1-2k only. Then he went on telling me he know a lot of people in Toyota. He asked which Toyota I sent to and I told him Distinctive Model (not a modeling agency, mind you). He does not know where the fuck is DM and told me to bring my car to his workshop… UMW Toyota Sec 19 PJ.


So I told him what difference will it be ? They use the same Toyota price list. So I told him, there are a few Toyota franchise workshops in Klang Valley – Sec 19 PJ, Sg Rasah Klang, Weng Hin Balakong, Toyotsu Sec 15 Shah Alam and of course Distinctive Model Sg Buloh (again, it’s not a modeling agency).

Unrelated… a non motor colleague told me he was pissed off when he found out DM is a Toyota dealer and not a modeling agency when he went there for a Fidelity Guarantee claim. He thought his survey would be merrier with hot girls / models to see. Duh.

Ok back to the shit. So I asked the feller if he wants me to meet Lim YK or Faridah or Kak Mas or Zikree or Zul ? (Are they still working there ? ). The feller was shocked that I’d know Lim. Seriously.. I’m not boasting. He was aghast. He might be thinking, who the fuck is this? Why this feller know Lim?!

Then he asked me what are the damaged parts… told him a whole list of parts and the related labour for the repairs.

To cut the long story short… after he exhausted all his means to convince me to retract the police report and opt for a cash repair to be negotiated with him (maybe he thinks he knows a lot about cars)….. he finally asked me what is my profession.

Why people like to take profession into personal matters ?? No choice but to tell him I’m a lost adjuster (pun intended) and all this shit we’re discussing is what I do. He was like “Oh.. *gulp* insurance loss adjuster!?”. Then he told me he’ll call me back again in a short while.

Just have give point blank.

Arrgh, I should’ve tell him I’m a police CID or a lawyer or a Toyota staff.

Later he called again and asked why I lodged the report in that particular police station when the police computer system are all connected nationwide.

Turn out I have to explain to him why… but he keeps insist that he can lodge report at any police station. I got fed up. I then told him yes of course, he can even lodge a police report in Seremban.

Moral of the story:

1. Loss adjusting profession seriously needs more workforce.

2. If you want to be hero, make sure you first study your nemesis’ background.

3. Service your car regularly and make sure tyres and brakes are all ok

4. If you meet a road accident, don’t think that the party at fault will pay you money after you leave the scene. If possible, get a compensation on the spot as security for the good faith or goodwill that both parties will not lodge police report and to mutually settle the shit.

5. Guys, if ladies / girls banged your vehicle, don’t get carried away by their innocent panic look .. or better still, some sexy and hot looking ladies and let them off. They’ll bring a guy later to harass you and won’t let you carry on with your life.

6. No shortcut in your career. You need to pay your dues early in your career to be where you are or where you want to be.

7. Instead of asking me my job, Nigel should’ve asked me of I’m a blogger because a blogger will write all his kemaluan story and share it with the world…


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