Optical shop World Champion

At Focus Point Optical Shop, Sunway Giza Mall… Salesman: Hi sir, are you looking for an Oakley spectacle or sunglasses? G: Oh, I’m just looking only. Can I just have a look? Is Focus Point on Christmas sale? Salesman: Nope. We’re not on Christmas sale yet. G: Eh, you guys are still selling Oakley’s Livestrong series of products? Salesman: Oh yeah. We have it. See … Continue reading Optical shop World Champion

Chronicles of Bubu G: Sit lot

My cute little Bubu finally could sit up on his own. Yet another milestone. The past months since the last instalment of this chronicle, I’ve seen him growing up and getting more and more cheeky by the day. He is very kepoh also. Now he’ll grab anything that he sees. Remote control, phones, newspaper, anything. To him, everything is strange and to satisfy his curiosity, … Continue reading Chronicles of Bubu G: Sit lot