Abode for Bubu VIII : Handover day

Finally the day we’ve been waiting for arrived. Went to the new house and met with the Vendor.

The house seems ok although the Vendor told us the developer repaired the water leakage that stained the ceiling and wall in the master bedroom. The replaster seems shoddy.

There were cracks in many areas i.e. air well, car porch roof etc. The casement window in the utility/maid room has a slight gap even when its closed. I suspect someone tampered it to gain access. Hmm.

Then when we thought everything else was ok and let go the Vendor, we found the most important thing was missing – the main TNB meter. Well, maybe the design of the house has some flaws… the meter was installed outside the building, even outside the gate. Geez… they never thought of security in their design. Even if the cover is padlocked, it can be easiliy prised. Tiu !!

Yeah, you may agree that having it outside the house would make it convenient for the TNB guy to take the reading but someone may get electrocuted whilst stealing it and his/her next of kin may come after me for compensation. Geez… gotta get public liability cover. The Vendor has to sort out the missing TNB meter now before we proceed further to release payment. Ha.



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