September and DBKL and accident

This month is a bit unlucky “suey” ! So much work and follow ups to do. Not enough time. Car got banged twice. One on the road during a jam. Don’t even have time to go for repair yet and another accident happened. The second accident by unknown vehicle (but I suspect the Proton Persona parked opposite my parking lot).

Then, was served an Arrest Warrant to appear in DBKL Magistrate Court. That fucking low self-esteemed traffic warden gave me a summon for being in yellow box and also said I looked down on him. The case was investigated by none other but DBKL Complaints Department. They didn’t produce any outcome and I thought I was waiting for the outcome. Then the warrant of arrest came. They didn’t even inform the Court Department to KIV the case as it was under investigation. They told me I should refer to the Law Enforcement Dept (LE Dept). When I met the Head of LE Dept, she told me that she is just doing her work to send the summon to the Court Dept as she did not receive any information from Complaints Dept about the investigation. She told me to refer to Court Dept at Jln Raja Laut.

So I went to their HQ at Raja Laut.

The personnel at the Court Dept said actually the Complaints Dept should inform them to KIV the court hearing pending investigations on the misconduct of their traffic warden.

Fuck shit. Then the Court Dept told me to go and get the investigation report from DBKL Perkeliling and bring over to produce in court for hearing. Fuck her up and she said ok, she will liaise with the Court Dept.

Now, I still have to appear for court hearing.

That’s DBKL… the City Hall of Kuala Lumpur. Run by a bunch of incompetent in Tamil – “natakaran” cibai dumb fucks.


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