Insurance for house

Forget what the gomen or mainstream media is telling you… that the crime rate in our country is actually very low. It’s all bullshit.

Every other day we receive insurance claims cases for theft especially before, during and after festive holidays.

Therefore it’s advisable to get a houseowners & householders insurance to protect your house and the contents that is your belonging stored therein. These days, security is not that good (you don’t really believe all those crap mainstream papers, do you ?).

Even a heavily guarded community i.e. condominiums is not spared of break ins. The culprits (regardless of locals or foreigners) may pose as a normal tenant and once they were staying in the place they’ll do observation until the time comes to execute the project. Perhaps the cars in the carpark may be at risk too.

Also these days are raining a lot and the same insurance covers your electrical & electronic contents from lightning damage. Anything can happen. Domestic house fire often start from the kitchen. Usually the hood unit if not switched off and been stained with stubborn oil, chances are high for it to ignite fire. Remember to switch off most of the electrical appliances so that lightning-induced power surge would affect them.

Then, some of the areas that have never been flooded for the past 35-40 years may not guarantee it would not flood one day. For instance, Taman Sri Serdang flooded a week or two ago.

The benefit of this insurance is aplenty. If a loan is taken out for the house, chances are the bank had taken out a “fire” insurance on your house to protect their financial interest. That would normally be a “houseowners” policy that covers only the building. Check if the sum insured is adequate for the current day reinstatement cost / rebuilding cost (to build the building from ground up after total loss). If the sum insured is inadequate, you may inform the bank or take out another policy to cover the shortfall and the house contents as well.

Ok. Hope this would explain a bit in the importance of a house/home insurance.


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