Parenthood challenges II

A close buddy of mine is very soon gonna be a daddy. However life sometime may never turn out in our favour. He needs to travel overseas for work and may not be around when his first child comes to the world.

As his work requires him to travel overseas as there’s not much project in Malaysia, I’d guess. Furthermore, the window of opportunity may not be there again or at least not until next year. He is facing a huge decision to be made. (at time of writing, he had already made his decision)

So, the question now: to miss the work opportunity and career progression OR miss the chance to witness the birth of his first child.

This is a very tough decision to make for many first time parents. It’s easy for some people including myself to tell them not to miss the birth of their child but both are once-in-a-lifetime decisions.

The God Almighty had always been fair. Somehow or rather you will gain some and lose some. As for me, I am glad I had a somewhat stable job and able to witness the birth of Bubu and watch him grew till today. I may not be earning 5 figures and have the chance to travel the world over but nevertheless I’m happy to have been blessed with a dragon son to come home for everyday after work. Also blessed with a mother in-law who offered to take care of my son so that my wife and I could focus on our job in order for us to provide the best for Bubu.

There’s this Mr KKM whom I met a few times to discuss some matters of his company’s insurance claim… he stressed that as a new parent, we should have a work life balance and don’t neglect the kids. They grew up very fast and money could not buy the lost time we spent to work like a dogg to chase money. He said that was his biggest regret in his life. His story etched into my mind instantaneously.

So, there’s a lot of challenges to parenthood that many of us are facing due to the fact that life is getting more complex and the materialistic nature of life these days are putting so much burden on the shoulders of new parents of our generation.


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